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Exfoliating Glove For Dead Skin| Dead Skin Remover Bath Glove For Body For Tan Removal & Dead Skin


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Healthy and Fresh Skin for All

CSC Exfoliator glove are one of the few authentic mitts on the market. Made from 100% natural, viscose extra deluxe fabric with coarsely texture. Our gloves are designed to fit in different hand sizes, can be used for both men and women to enjoy a revitalizing bath experience.

Suitable for all skin types, no matter your skin is sensitive or rough, this will removes stubborn dead cells and extra skin layer from your body, you will visibly see the dead skin lifts right away from your body and makes your skin soft and smooth.

  • Step 1: Steam or Soak For Several Minutes

    Soften your skin first with steam and warm water from the shower or soaking in the tub for several minutes. No products, oils, or cleansers. Just water!

  • Step 2: Wet the Glove, Start to Scrub

    Wet and wring out the glove, wear the glove and use soap or body wash on exfoliator glove and start scrubbing your body in circular motion from shoulders to toes evenly for better results.

  • Step 3: Rinse off Dead Skin

    You will see dead skin rolling off and reveling super smooth and soft skin. Avoid facial and any sensitive area. Rinse off all the foam and dead skin thoroughly with water.

  • Step 4: Finish with Your Favorite Moisturizer

    Finish with your favorite cleanser and moisturizer as usual. Hand wash your mitts and let it air dry between uses to maximize its lifespan.

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