CSC Health and Cosmetic Brand – CSC BY JAI INGREDIENTS

Who Are We?

Your go-to lifestyle brand

CSC, since its inception, has strived towards being a brand that you can call your own. We strive to deliver quality products that enhance and enrich the life of its customers. We started with a single product aka our famous zinc cream, we have since expanded our range from sports products to nutraceuticals and cosmetics making us a company that has something for everyone. The aim has always been to provide affordable and quality products to the consumers. Through our efforts to make CSC India's go-to lifestyle brand we seek to contribute to the "Make In India" campaign in our own little way.


Our journey so far is one filled with personal experiences. Most of our products were introduced with the goal to make lives easier and hassle free. The stories behind some of our products like liquid chalk are based on personal struggles of the founder, with a disease like bronchitis, using regular chalk powder could not have been an option. That’s how the idea of liquid chalk was conceived. After countless hours of research and development and using an intricate technology from Germany, our dream became a reality. Our inspiration to start a Hair care range came from stories of people taking multiple vitamins, biotin and omega 3 supplements separately on a daily basis to promote hair growth and their struggle to make this process simpler. We introduced Hair Vitamins which provide the goodness of all these ingredients and more in a single capsule.


It has been clear to us since our inception that we want CSC to be a consumer first brand which provides top notch products. After our successful endeavor in sports cosmetics, we have expanded our range to nutraceuticals and skin cosmetics.